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Founded in 1998, Meridian Management LLC is a unique turnkey firm specializing in innovative solutions for the telecom and wireless industries. Our firm is the realization of a vision to bring together design expertise with an in-depth understanding of wireless development to provide state-of-the-art design solutions for our clients.

We offer a wealth of experience in all elements required to develop telecommunications, tower, wireless, and DAS sites. We have pioneered innovative methods for the entire design process, enabling our clients to streamline municipal permitting and go on-air in a reduced timeframe. We invite you to learn more about who we are and how we can help you.

"These guys are the best. They're a pleasure to work with and they do great work."

John Neal
Outside Plant Services

About Us

The Beginning

Meridian began as a specialized consulting firm providing high-end 3D, animation, and technical CAD services to the architectural community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Primarily due to their extensive experience with zoning, site development, visualization, and planning work, in 1997, the firm (formerly Meridian Design Group) was contracted by Nextel to design several raw land telecom sites. We began to specialize in telecom development work and quickly became a leader in the field. Rodney Barnes, a telecommunications professional with years of new build experience, joined the firm in 1999 -- the foundation for a strong architectural/telecommunications base was complete. This 'union' of talent is the strength of our service and the reason why we have enjoyed steady growth, success, and repeat business throughout our history.

"There isn't an A/E firm that I've come to rely on more than Meridian Management LLC. Their collective experience and knowledge are invaluable to us."

AAV Construction
T-Mobile USA

Our Approach

At Meridian, we are keenly aware of the rapidly changing telecom environment. Advanced networking systems including the development of 5G, LTE, DAS, and joint pole installations requires the design professional to adapt in unprecedented ways. We understand these challenges and are continually striving to develop faster, cheaper, and more efficient methods for getting wireless facilities designed, permitted, and built. Included among these innovative services: specializing in turn-key solutions for joint pole facilities, expediting power service permitting, sustainable LEED-based designs for raw land sites, pioneering a web-based site auditing process, and working with designers to improve pole-mounted equipment.

We also understand the competitive nature of the wireless industry and the scheduling and budget constraints inherent in this type of work. In response to these demands, Meridian employs a deliberate and controlled approach to the development of each project. On the premise that each project requires a blend of professional expertise, we employ a collaborative approach to a project's development from site acquisition through construction management. The firm's principals are actively involved on each project, thus assuring the highest level of service, availability, and responsiveness for each site.

Our Mission

We are firm believers in designing telecom facilities to seamlessly integrate into their existing settings. We also understand the need to conceal the equipment to the best of our abilities. We continuously promote an in-depth understanding of the site to develop design strategies that are efficient, practical, and compatible with the environment, existing conditions, owner expectations, and community.

Our mission is simple:

  • To always strive to be better and more efficient
  • To achieve customer satisfaction and profitability
  • To be pioneers, to redefine boundaries, to take risks
  • To be the best!

Key Staff

Rodney Barnes, President, joined Meridian in 1999 to place the focus on process and client relations from concept through completion. His extensive experience working with a wide range of telecommunications carriers and third-party vendors provided the technical foundation that contributed to the firm's growth and success. Beginning in 1994 at Nextel, Rodney was one of the first individuals to work in all three site development disciplines of telecommunications - leasing, zoning and construction. Clients continually tap into his vast knowledge of the entire build process to expedite approvals, constructability issues and cost savings. His in depth knowledge of GO95 Regulations, joint pole facilities, and PROW sites is invaluable to our clients and the many challenges they face. Rodney serves as Director of Client Relations and Operations, assuring client satisfaction, scheduling, and project management.

Jan M. Goldfluss, RLA, LEED AP, Vice President, brings to Meridian over 31 years of professional experience in site development, telecommunications facilities, landscape architecture, project management, computer applications, planning, and construction management. As the company founder, Jan has been responsible for designing and managing over 2,000 telecommunications sites for clients throughout the US. With many site development projects throughout the US, particularly with raw land builds and PROW work, his vast design experience is of great benefit to our clients. Jan serves as Director of Design and Production where he plans, manages, tracks, and provides quality control for all our project work. He also is very involved in marketing efforts and exploring new opportunities for strategic growth and expansion. Jan is very active in the creation of the firm's innovative products and services including sustainable solutions and pole top sites.

Sam Singh, Project Manager, is a veteran telecommunications professional with over 16 years of experience managing a wide range of technology projects including network deployment projects/programs throughout the world. His areas of expertise include Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis, Risk Management, Process Mapping, Resource Planning, Schedule Development, Budget Development, Workflow Documentation, Vendor Management, RFP/RFI Process, Quality Assurance and Cost Estimating. His professional associations include Project Management Institute (PMI), the American Society of Quality (ASQ). Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), Certified Quality Manager / Organizational Excellence (CQM/OE). Sam is responsible for managing vendor accounts and client relations for Meridian.


Site Acquisition

Telecommunications site acquisition is an integral part of our business. Our team is comprised of experienced telecom professionals who understand each aspect of the site acquisition process. From candidate selection or file review, through the lease negotiation process, or in the most intricate of zoning and permitting processes, Meridian has ascertained how to to satisfy the most demanding clients.

Meridian offers a complete turnkey solution for our clients that include services associated with new site builds (NSB), existing site modifications, cell on wheels (COW), distributed antenna systems (DAS), temporary facilities, multi-tenant locations, right of way (ROW) and fiber easements. Meridian performs due diligence and accountability in the following areas:

Telecom Design

The design of telecommunications sites involves a whole range of capabilities and experience. At Meridian, we employ a comprehensive approach to the design of cell sites including a full range of engineering services, constructability analysis, site and landscape design, surveying and visual simulation. Our strength is in our understanding of site constraints and the exact requirements to obtain building permits and allow bidding and construction to proceed. With this in mind, Merdian’s technical and architecture professionals design custom site solutions for a broad array of telecommunications facilities. From hillsides to rooftops, co-locatable towers to utility poles, steeples to architectural additions, and water tanks to billboards, the professionals at Meridian will work with you to provide the most practical, cost-effective, and approvable design.

  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design
  • Telecom Design

A/E Services

Joint Pole Design

Telecom providers understand the benefits of buying the necessary space to construct their systems on existing utility poles rather than having to construct new poles or lease space from utility companies. This has reduced carrier infrastructural costs, distributed maintenance costs among utilities, and facilitated the deployment of new technology, all to the benefit of the consumer. It also enables them to penetrate coverage areas once deemed inaccessible due to zoning, physical limitations, or other impediments

We understand the complex nature of siting antennas and cabinets on existing poles with existing power and communications equipment. We are experts in navigating the GO95 requirements to insure compatibility of services while providing safety to maintenance and construction workers.

Whether you need to select suitable pole candidates, custom design pole equipment, coordination with utility companies, analysis of pole integrity, gain municipal approvals, prepare design drawings, or prepare guidelines for entire joint pole networks, Meridian has the expertise to assist you.

"We use Meridian Management LLC for all of our site development needs. They work very well with our team and provide excellent service".

Project Manager
AT&T Mobility

Joint Pole Services

  • Network Development
  • Utility Coordination
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Pole Surveys
  • Pole Structural Analysis (OCALC)
  • Pole Remediation Design
  • Zoning Drawings
  • Architectural Design
  • Photo Simulations
  • Custom Mounting Design
  • Permit Filing

Construction Management

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction for telecommunications carriers. Our construction telecom project managers are experts focused solely on the telecom industry. This primary focus and specific expertise allows us to handle project scopes of all sizes, whether it’s constructing new telecommunications towers, joint poles, reinforcing or modifying existing poles, installing lines and antennas, or performing maintenance on existing structures. Our professional, experienced technical staff will make sure your specifications are met in the field. Additionally, we verify that all documentation and as-builts are complete and accurate.

One of the main goals of our business is to engineer value for our clients. By having us present on your project site, we ensure that your contractors and sub-contractors follow your project plan and schedule. Keeping your project on budget and on time is our main objective.

We place a high priority on developing relationships with the landowners, local zoning officials, contractors, and utility company representatives. Our belief is that these relationships greatly enhance our ability to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective project to our client. This can only be achieved through our commitment to a high quality and hands-on approach.

Utility Coordination

Meridian is an Authorized Applicant Design Engineer (ADE) for PG&E and is proud to provide expedited PG&E utility plans, power engineering, and contract management in about half the time it normally takes when you work directly with PG&E. It cannot be stressed how important it is for telecom carriers to quickly and efficiently navigate this process in an effort to energize sites and make them operational. We offer this service for clients who are struggling to get power designs and contracts out of PG&E and who need power in the next 120 days. Meridian's expedited PG&E services will get you buildable sites in as little as 45-60 days.

We can do this because of the drawing expertise of our electrical engineers who have a combined PG&E experience of more than 120 years.

Our engineers make the actual drawing (Rule 16) that will be used for construction. We follow the same protocols that PG&E's engineers use, but our process can save nearly 3-4 months from application submit to final contract. And in some cases, we can lower or eliminate the up-front deposit currently required by PG&E.

Expedited PG&E services deliverables include: Power design and engineering (for you to use in your own drawings or folded into ours), a Rule 16 (used for construction), and a final contract delivered so you can get on the PG&E construction schedule.

Let Meridian take the frustration and loss of time out of working with PG&E directly. When you use Utility Coordination Expedite services from Meridian, you will know power will be there when you need it!

Utility Coordination Expedite Services

  • Review existing drawings for accuracy (Preliminary site review to determine the availability and location of gas, electric, telephone, and cable television distribution and transmission facilities. (Coordinator and Engineer)
  • Research power availability in area (Coordinate and conduct a pre-engineering meeting (Coordinator and Engineer) Meet with PGE planners outline power plan get approvals for designs meetings)
  • Survey PGE grid (Submit improvement plans to utility company representatives.)
  • Design electrical plan (Incorporate design into CD’s) Delivery of plan to get electrical permits)
  • Submit PG&E application (if not submitted) Establish construction schedule with PGE to connect power (coordinator) Outline connection dates and coordinate green tag and power delivery with GC's)
  • Power design (Rule 16) (PGE Contract delivery coordination (coordinator))
  • Provide Materials list (align GC and PGE with construction and inspection assistance Material checklist for GC)
  • Design construction plan
  • Track application process (Coordinate and monitor the installation of power delivery, green tag, and final power delivery. (coordinator and engineer)


As industry leaders, we specialize in providing comprehensive architectural and engineering services for our telecommunication clients. With over 2,000 successfully completed installations, the professionals at Meridian have built a solid reputation for exceeding expectations - in design, budget controls, and constructability.

We empower our staff to think freely, to be creative, to always explore more efficient and cost-effective solutions, in an effort to provide the highest quality of service. This explains why we are often called upon to handle the most difficult and challenging sites. We specialize in custom telecom sites of all types, with emphasis on complex installations, disapproved locations, difficult schedules, and innovative technologies.

Our experience includes working directly for some of the largest telecommunications, wireless, and tower companies.

  • Alcatel Lucent
  • American Tower Corporation
  • AT&T
  • Bechtel
  • Broadlink
  • General Dynamics
  • GTE Wireless
  • GulfSouth Towers
  • MetroPCS
  • Mobilitie
  • Nextel Communications
  • Pinnacle Towers,, Inc.
  • SkyTel Communications
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • TCI Cablevision
  • Verizon
  • Whalen & Company, Inc.
  • Wireless Facilities, Inc.

Strategic Alliances

We are dedicated to doing what we do best. However, in the ever-changing telecommunications industry, we are always looking for ways to provide our clients with better and more comprehensive service while keeping our core business lean, focused, and competitively priced. To accomplish this, we have developed strategic alliances with a select group of highly qualified firms to complement our scope of services, increase our resources, and improve our product. These strategic alliances allow our clients to leverage the unique capabilities of a team approach without the need and cost of managing this collaboration.

  • IkeGPS


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